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Who’s the strongest?

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Can we please get a favicon for the website? I want to put convos in my booksmarks bar and it looks like crap without a favicon. Thank you.


How is it even possible to have a full time job, a healthy lifestyle, and a social life?

Are open toe shoes appropriate for the office?

I’m so fed up with Amazon. I think they purposefully delay shipping times in order to get people to use their two day shipping option. I ordered a lot of items and have waited weeks for the items to even ship (as I’m writing my items are still “preparing to ship”).
Even eBay has faster shipping than Amazon.
Does anyone else have this problem?

I hope people keep posting!

Faith in humanity is lost:

An uber for someone else to pick up your dog poop

Designers and Developers! What do you prefer? A role in an agency or a in-house team?

Boston Startup Raises $100 Million To Use Synthetic Biology To Design Microbes For Industry

Ginkgo has been contracted to design 30 microbes for 15 companies, Kelly says. Among them are French fragrance firm Robertet, which would like to grow rose oil instead of having to squeeze it from flower petals, and Ajinomoto , a Japanese flavoring and chemical company, which would like cells that make amino acids. So far, though, it hasn’t actually sent a new cell to a partner. That should happen in the fourth quarter of this year.

You probably never heard of this mathematician and neither have I

Zap zone 2017 bentley bentayga inline2

It Takes a Lot of Wiring to Keep a Modern Vehicle Moving (Witness this Bentley’s Harness)

Almost as much as fuel, electronic signals are the lifeblood of a modern vehicle. And the Bentley ­Bentayga is a poster child for just how complex today’s electrical systems can be.

Zap-Zone-2017-Bentley-Bentayga-inline2.jpgZap-Zone-2017-Bentley-Bentayga-inline2.jpg show image

iOS App Development – Apple Cooperates with SAP to deliver HANA Applications to iOS
Endeavour market push proceeds.

Apple is stepping into the corporate processing world by joining forces with SAP to create applications controlled by the German organisation’s endeavour stages on iOs mobile phones and tablets.
The customer hardware monster, which truly has stayed reserved from the business market, has in the previous two years set organisations with Cisco, IBM and now SAP that empower Apple goods to achieve an expanded business audience.
SAP, whose business programming is utilised by 87 percent of the world’s 2000 greatest organisations, said it would work with Apple to create versatile business applications for iPhones and iPads that are fueled by its HANA stage.
SAP is trying to tempt its immeasurable base of multinational corporate clients to change over their exemplary bundled programming for overseeing monetary arranging, HR, assembling and outside supply chains to cloud-based programming and its HANA database.
A recent report by business programming producer VMware demonstrated that Apple’s notoriety for being definitely not a business PC supplier is outdated. It found that 66% of corporate undertakings now permit workers to utilise Apple PCs and in addition PCs running Windows.
In September a year ago, Apple CEO Tim Cook bragged that Apple’s venture business had produced US$25 billion (A$33.5 billion), or approximately 14 percent of the organisation’s income, in the previous year.
In any case, most by far of its income keep on originating from PCs, telephones and related administrations went for buyers.
As you can see applications are very important part of how we live today and how businesses cooperate. These are few of the reason why you need to contact a Development Company that has professional experience and it is specialised in developing applications for iOs.
Developing an application for your business is something that can bring you an immense number of benefits, it can simply move your business to another level. Consider hiring experienced software development company from London that can meet your specific business needs and standards. The business environment is pretty competitive zone and you surely want the best for your business. Those advantages and valuable results will take you and your business on a whole different level. The level of achievement, progress and victory!