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Must have beauty product?

Hi! The site is great. I’d increase the space between words for easier readability. I’d also decrease how wide a line can get, there was a length I read that is optimal (I’ve been learning web design and it was part of what I learned for user experience)

Maybe I’d increase the font-size a little bit, although I feel it’s, it isn’t bad but if you have eye problems it can seem small (although we can always zoom in)

The space between two lines is great, there seems to be enough space to not slip back on the previous line although maybe I’d add a little bit more space in between.

If you make it very easy and fun for people to read I think it’ll help get people to stay on the site. Honestly so far it seems great to me.

I want multiple girlfriends. Girls always know about it, I’m not a liar. So why does it bother you?

Who will win the NBA Finals? Warriors or Cavaliers?

What language aside from English can you speak?

French Spanish Portuguese Italian Chinese Japanese Korean Russian Other

Aparte de Borges y Cortázar, quiénes son los escritores escenciales de américa latina?

Would you rather have hands for feet or feet for hands?

Hands for feet Feet for hands

If you could come back from death as a dog bark or a piece of tree bark, which would you choose?

Bark or bark?

Bark Bark

If you could come back as a mouse or a moose, which would you pick?

Mouse or Moose?

Mouse Moose

Rip robin willams, u were so young

Paperclip or staple?

Favorite nacho? Cheese nacho or nacho cheese?

I like mustard

Is this open source? If not, what are some alternatives. I’d like to host something like this in-house and all other textboards hurt to look at.


Help me decide! I just saw this backpack by Benetton and I really like how it looks. Haven’t seen it in person but looks like a good buy, what do you think? Would you buy it? Do you have other recommendations?

Athletic backpackAthletic backpack show image

so basically this is yik yak

holds up spork

There’s nothing like a bathroom break in middle of party/going out

Agree Disagree

Any thoughts on Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s divorce?

Which country do you think is the most stylish?

I just want to go back to school; I’m not ready for the real world.


13% of Americans actually feel proud about the 2016 presidential race; 37% feel hopeful 460x.jpg460x.jpg show image